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A well-functioning roof is one of the most important factors in protecting your home from storm damage that tends to happen in Des Moines. Hail damage and high winds can really take their toll on a roof. To get the best protection, you need both top quality materials and a skilled roofing company. At Boulevard Building, we offer you both.

Let us walk you through the various product options and match the proper product with the specific needs of your project. We will also help you understand all the product warranties and specifications that will help you decide which product is right for you. 

UPDATING YOUR ROOF IS the best way to protect your home from weather related damage.

Replacing an old roof increases curb appeal and will also increase the perceived value of your home. This may be especially helpful if you intend to sell your house. Not only does a new roof play a critical part in protecting the investment, it can really transform the look—helping give you an edge over the other properties for sale in your neighborhood. 

The return on your investment of a new roof ranks right up there with remodeling a kitchen or bathroom—both projects which are well known to be desirable in a home resale.

Is your roof protecting your investment? Schedule a free roof estimate to find out.

roof Repairs

If your roof looks like it may need repair, you should have it inspected immediately. If you fail to get it inspected, mother nature will take it's course and it will lead to bigger problems that can add up to very expensive repairs.

Contact our roofing company today and we will inspect the problem absolutely free and give you the proper recommendations for repairs.



Accidents and storm damage like heavy winds and hail damage to your roof are common in the Des Moines area and can take their toll on your roof. Our staff is well trained in insurance negotiation and avocation so let us sort out the details with your insurance company. We will work to get your home back to the way it was, or better, with minimal or no out of pocket expenses to you.



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Quinn and I are very happy with the work you and your crew did for us. You guys are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient - all a client could ask for!

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